Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wish to know where my traveling flat trio are. They ended up all together in one house with three kids but I haven't heard a word from them in 2 weeks. I've tried the only email address I have for this family and nothing so far. I hope our traveling guys make an appearance soon. We were doing so well with no dollnappers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Total Miles!

Flat Sebastian traveled 3,305 miles to his first destination in Bolton, England.
Then he traveled 4,548 miles from his first host family's home to his second's in Sherman, Texas.
For a total of 7,853 miles!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flat Sebastian's Trip to ENGLAND!!


Tuesday, 13th January 2009
Hi Sebastian, I arrived in Bolton, England after lunch and met the family. I have my own room which is nice and managed to get a good night's sleep after a long journey.

It is winter over here, though the big freeze has been and gone, so hopefully the sun will be shining tomorrow when I embark on my trip around Bolton.

Bolton is situated in the North West of England about half way between Liverpool and Manchester. It is actually part of Greater Manchester, though Eileen still says it is in Lancashire. Must be confusing for the poor postmen! Here is a picture of Bolton Town Hall:

If you want to know more about Bolton, please click on the following web site:

Wednesday, 14th January 2009

Hi Sebastian, I am being well cared for. Here is a picture of me after breakfast

Today Eileen is off to the Recycling Centre so she is taking me with her. The sky is blue today and though it is cold, it is at least dry. Don't worry about me, as you can see I have been safely strapped into the car before the journey.

Here I am at the Recycling Centre - very boring I know but she had to call in there.

Then it is a trip to the local Co-op for a few groceries, well they do have another mouth to feed!

Next we are off to see the Reebok Stadium, home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club, who play there in the Barclay Premier League (soccer to you and me, but football to everyone else - I will have to watch what I say!)

Arrived at the Reebok late morning, which is adjacent to Bolton Arena Sports Centre. Here I am outside Bolton Arena. The arena has already hosted the badminton competition of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and 4 of Amir Khan's professional boxing matches. Amir is from Bolton.

What luck! Whilst taking pictures outside Reebok, Eileen bumped into Dave who is the Assistant Coach for the Academy Side and he invited us both pitch side for a few photographs. Now wasn't that really kind of him? The photos show the pitch being made ready for their next game on Saturday, 17th when they play Manchester United, who I am sure you will have heard of.

Here I am with Dave inside the stadium, which believe me is awesome!

This is me posing outside Reebok Stadium after our little tour.

Just outside here is the "Spirit of Sport" statue representing 900 local sporting heroes.

Click here to find out more about this statue which rotates and changes colour at night

Well, I think that is enough for one day and so I think I will be putting my feet up for the rest of the afternoon!

I think I feel 40 winks coming on. Will fill in my journal again tomorrow.

Thursday, 15th January 2009

Up early again and felt full after my breakfast.

Then Matt's Grandma arrived and we set off for Bolton, calling at M&S.

This is Matt’s Grandma holding me up.

The next stop was Tesco at Middlebrook and unfortunately it started to rain there but I didn’t get wet, phew!

We took Matt's Grandma home calling off at Argos on the way because Eileen needed a new alarm clock - I don't think she wants to oversleep while I am staying with them!

You can just see the Argos turquoise/red sign on the left.

At night Matt was training at the JJB Soccerdome, which is near to the Trafford Centre (Shopping Mall) in Manchester. While Matt was training Peter, Eileen and I called at the local Wetherspoon's pub for a curry.

Here is a picture, taken at night from the car, of the Trafford Centre.

You can just make out the centre where the blue domes are.

Then it was home to bed, with me feeling quite tired.

Friday, 16th January 2009

I think it will be a lazy day today as Eileen has a hair appointment. Here is the hairdressers and here I am watching what happens there.

Tomorrow Matt is playing football (soccer) at Cheadle, so it's fingers crossed that it isn't cancelled and I can go and watch him play. Matt has just received a text saying that his game tomorrow is on, so that's me off to Cheadle to watch football - sorry, soccer tomorrow! Think I am getting anglicised. Must fly Sebastian, as I am needed in the kitchen to help Eileen prepare dinner.

Saturday, 17th January 2009

Up early today as we had a lot to do before football. Eileen made a spag bol sauce so that we would have something to come home to and we set off for the football ground at around 1.15 pm

Sadly Matt's team lost 4-2!

Here is a picture of the entrance to Cheadle AFC ground.

Not very posh, is it?

And here I am at the game cheering on the team.

The weather was ok until the second half when the rain came down. We got back home around 5.30 pm.

Sunday, 18th January 2009

The weather was lovely this morning so we decided to go for a walk on the West Pennine Moors after breakfast.

Just a few photos to show my day out at Rivington.

You can just see the lake in the distance and look at the blue skies for January!

Here I am by the lake

Matt was baptised at Rivington Church. This church is unusual in that it is not dedicated to any particular saint or martyr. Here is a picture of the church, which was founded before 1541.

((NOTE: The church's picture ended up at the of this post and I can't get it back down here, LOL)

Next stop is a picture of me outside the Black Dog at Belmont

Can you see me on the board outside the door?

On the way home we were held up by a horse on the road

Next stop, the Millstone for a sandwich lunch before returning home.

I am having a great time! It was lovely and cosy in here with a log fire burning.

Monday, 19th January 2009

Have to say that the weather today is not as good as yesterday. Then, just after lunch this happened:

Would you believe this after yesterday? This was taken from Matt's bedroom window but luckily I was warm and dry inside.

Feeling a bit sad because my stay here comes to an end tomorrow and I will be winging my way over to Texas. The good point is that I am nearer to being reunited with Sebastian!

We are staying in tonight as there is a football game on Setanta ....... Liverpool v Everton.

Well, this is my last night staying with Eileen, Peter and Matt and here is a pic of me sitting by Matt's computer.

Tuesday, 20th January 2009

Well, this is my last day in Bolton and here is a picture of me with Eileen before she waved me off on my journey to Texas.

And here is where I have been staying during my spell in Bolton.

It is the house on the right of the photograph

Message from Eileen, Peter and Matt,

We have really enjoyed looking after your little guy. He has been no trouble at all - I hope he enjoyed his stay with us and that you enjoy all his photographs and reading through his journal. Good luck Flat Sebastian on the next leg of your journey to Texas! We will really miss the little fella. xxx