Friday, January 16, 2009

First Stop.......ENGLAND!

Flat Sebastian has arrived at Elieen's home this past Tuesday. Here's a picture from his first night there resting in his very own bed. So far, he's traveled a whooping 3,305 miles from his home in New Jersey to Bolton, England. That's a huge distance to go in one trip but he's made it, safe and sound.


  1. Hi Amy, Sebastian, Sammy and Brennan
    We have been out and about again today visiting Cheadle, but will tell more in our journal. Flat Sebastian is being good and enjoying his trip. Eileen x

  2. Hi everyone
    We have been out and about again today. Will miss the little guy when he moves on to Texas! Eileen x

  3. Now he seems like he is having a good time.
    Jenny <><